Orientation Weekend (Told Mostly Through Photos)

This first weekend was a jetlagged blur of meetings and tours and icebreakers and village exploring. If I tried to write about it all, I’d end up rambling for pages, so here are some pictures instead!

On friday, we were given our room assignments. I’m in an amazing triple with an amazing view.

I'm still not over these windows

I’m still in awe of these windows

I'm convinced we have the best view ever

Seriously convinced we have the best view ever

Along with the view, my favorite part of this room is that we get to hear the jam sessions that happen often in the gardens.

On Saturday, we rented bikes, which was more exciting than it should be. I will have a picture of the beauty I share with three other girls shortly!

We also wandered through town, visiting the supermarket and an amazing store called “Everything Under One Roof” (when translated). It literally has everything you could ever ask for under one roof. We then visited the local pub, where I had my first legal drink!

I also discovered that I am a dark beer person.

I also discovered, through trial and error, that I am a definitely a dark beer person

I fell in love with the pub immediately. The owner of the bar was really friendly and had a great sense of humor, and the atmosphere was great. The walls covered in signs and posters and little sculptures hung from the ceiling. I can’t wait to spend more time there throughout the next few months! IMG_5518 IMG_5519


I also got my Netherlands cat fix with the cat that hangs around the pub.

so much love

so much love

Today, to end our orientation, we took a boat tour of the river Maas, which was absolutely stunning.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.40.45 AM

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.41.02 AMIMG_5600IMG_5598

I also got to feel super classy, drinking white whine on a boat.


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