A six word story: Amsterdam

The other day we had to write 6 word stories about somewhere we’ve visited for my travel writing class. I had a lot of fun with it, so I thought I’d share.

Some Background: a thousand years ago (or seven weeks ago) we had a mandatory excursion to Amsterdam for our first travel weekend. We were given a tour of the city, as well as an amazing tour of the red light district led by a sex worker through the Prostitute Information Center. My Post WWII Art History Class visited the Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum. During our down time, some friends and I went on a canal cruise and hit up lots of frites stands and bars.

But, more than anything else, we actively avoided getting hit by bikes. Or trams. In a city where bikes outnumber people, and the divides between sidewalk, bike path, street, and tram lane are often easy to miss, this is more difficult then you may think.

So, if I were to sum up my Amsterdam experience in six words?

Thought it was sidewalk. It wasn’t.


Seriously though. (photo from http://www.dutchamsterdam.nl)

Insanity. (Photo from www.flyingpig.nl)

(Photo from http://www.flyingpig.nl)


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